Your coffee is only as good as the last cup you make.

Every cup of coffee is important and it's vital that you and your staff know how to make a good one. Making good coffee is not rocket science but it's very important to get proper barista training before you work behind a coffee machine.

We provide training for all our customers both on an initial basis and also on a continual basis. We understand how important it is to be trained in coffee making, not just to improve the quality of coffee but also to motivate and instil confidence in your staff.

During training we will cover many aspects including:

  • background information about the production of coffee
  • importance of fresh coffee
  • how a grinder works and how you adjust it for the correct fineness and dosage 
  • espresso coffee machines
  • good extracted espresso and how to produce one
  • barista's menu 
  • milk steaming technique
  • become more confident in making consistently good coffee
  • cleaning procedures
  • Latte Art training 
  • and a lot of fun!

A lot of time will be spent steaming milk and pouring cappuccinos and café lattes. Probably 50% of the training is spent on perfecting milk steaming and pouring techniques – understanding and practice really does make perfect coffee!