Our Story

Hi all,

We’re Declan and Fiona, founders of Mr Cotton. Here's how our business came about..

Born out of our own experience of working in business parks for most of our working lives, Mr. Cotton’s brainwave was to provide a thing we always unknowingly longed for during that time – a reason to leave the desk for a few minutes, get a bit of fresh air, have a leisurely chat and get a really good cup of coffee. This has been the core basis of Mr Cotton mobile café business since its foundation in 2006.

Our first day of trading was a memorable event - we were gearing up for the onslaught of crowds of customers. We had 20 litres of milk, 20 kg of coffee beans and enough cups for a small army. 6 hours later there had been 1 customer and 1 tea sold! Not even a coffee!!! But being the eternal optimists, we knew that things could only get better. And better they did.

We now have 2 mobile vans on regular routes Monday to Friday and a third van that is used for corporate events. Since 2010 we have been branching out into distribution of the Delta Café range of coffees and machines while also using the vans for weddings and other social events.

Ok, so now you may say “what does cotton have to do with coffee?” Not much in general, but everything for us… Around the time we were setting up our mobile café business it happened to be our 2nd wedding anniversary. Declan from the beginning has always been into the symbols for each anniversary and the symbol for a 2nd wedding anniversary is cotton. Emails with all kinds of business details were flying between us to get everything sorted and one of Fiona’s started with ‘Hey Mr Cotton….’. And Declan loved it :)

We love good coffee, people and banter… and we love Mr Cotton and how it brings it all together. The great thing about Mr Cotton is that it is always exciting, always changing and always challenging.